Kretser, Michelle de.

The lost dog.


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When Tom called, raising his voice, the dog went on nosing through leaves and damp grass. It was their last morning there. The territory was no longer new. Yet whenever the dog was allowed outside, he would race to the far end of the yard and start working his way along the fence. Instinct, deepened over centuries, compelled him to check boundaries. Afterwards, Tom would remember the dog ignoring him, and the spurt of impatience he had felt. The dog had to be walked and the house packed before the long drive back to the city. He was keen to get moving while the weather held. So he didn’ t pat the dog’ s soft head when he strode to the fence and reached for him.

Vintage, 2009.

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Tom Loxley is holed up in a cottage in the bush, struggling to finish his book on Henry James, when his dog goes missing, trailing a length of orange twine. As Tom Searches, it becomes clear that he needs to unravel other puzzles in his life and the story shifts between past and present, taking in his paretns’ mixed-race marriage in India, their arrival in Australia in the 1970s, Tom’ s own failed marriage, and his current involvement with Nelly Zhang, an artist with her pwn secrets and mysteries.- Uindbundet. – 289 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.