Balliett, Nick.

The little book of fishing. An anthology.


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The finest fishing often takes place not on water, but in print. And so it does as this little book will show you. The fourteen selections tell what happended to the author and they tell what it all means, at least to them. They crfeate meorable scens that will engage nonfishermen along with the initiate, and they explore often with pungent wit the absurdities that sometimes gather around any sport with passionate participants. Among the men and women in this fine company of anglers you’ll find a poet, some novelists, a variety of essayists and a major sportswriter.

Atlantic Monthly Press, New York. - 1994.

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INDHOLD: East Hampton, Aug. 28, 1939. Mecca. – Tuna fishing in Spain. Ernest Hemingway. – Trout. Seamus Heaney. – The lon light. Le Anne Schreiber. – Abe Lincoln fished here. – Mr. Theodore Castwell. – Murder. – The brakes got drunk. – Hairy Gertz and the fortyseven crappies. – Nothing but blue skies. – Fly fishing folly. – A Fly-fishing primer. – A meditation on the midlife crisis and the literature, psychology and mystique of fly fishing.- Indbundet med omslag. – Illustreret. – 125 sider. – Som ny.