Metcalf, Eva- Maria.

Astrid Lindgren.


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Astrid Lindgren is, without doubt, Sweden’ s most famous og and influential author of children’s literature. A care combination of highn literary quality, great popula appeal and ropensity for innovation proplled her to that position. The book that brought Lindgren instant fame and blazed new trails for more child-oriented writing was “Pippi Longstocking” from 1945. Fairly early in her career, in 1958, she received the Hans Christian Andersen Medal, also referred to as the Noble Prize for children’s literature. In 2007, the 100th anniversary of her birth was celebrated all over the world.

Varenr. 99.4-16. –  Uindbundet. – Illustreret. – 47 sider. – Som ny.

Swedish Institute, 2007.

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INDHOLD: Growing up close to nature. – On the way to becoming a writer. – Pippi Longstocking. – Experimenting with genres and different media. – Speaking up. – Mischief and mayhem. – Love and death. – Blueprint for the future. – Selected bibliography.