Wood, Ernest

Cencentration. An approach to meditation


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Success is directly related to concentration of purpose, thought, and feeling, “Concentration! assembles comprehensive methods for building strength of character by taming the natural drifting of the mind. Concentration means that our life becomes polarized to a chosen purpose, animated by will, inspired by a Higher Self with which we become acquainted. The book includes 36 physical and mental exercises.

Quest Books 1997

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INDHOLD: Succes in life. – The magic box. – The mind’s first power. – Discovery of the will. – Aids to concentration. – Confidence. – Chains of thought. – The walking mind. – The power of the mood. – Concentration in daily life. – The four great enemies., – Control of the body and senses. – The removal of intruding thoughts. – Gymnastics of concentration. – Exercises in mental command. – Concentration and study. – Supplement of meditation. – What meditation is. – Concentration and meditation. – Methods of meditation. – Meditation with mantras. – Obstacles to meditation. – Contemplation. – The top of your thought. – Conclusion. – Uindbundet. – 154 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.