Allen, Sidney.

Vox Latna. A guide to the pronunciation of classical Latin.


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Indiscussion on the subject of Latin pronunciation two questions are commonly encountered. They tend to be of rhetorical nature, and are not entirely confined to non-classical disputant. First, why should we concern ourselves with the pronunciation of a dead language? And seocnd, how in any case can we know how the lanuage was originally spoken? It my reasonably be held that it is desirable to seek an appreciation of Latin literature, and thatsuch literature was based on a living language. Moreover, much of early literature, ad poetry in particular, was orally composed and was intended to be spoken and heard rather than written and seen.If, therefore, we are to try and appreciate an author’ s full intentions, including the phonetic texture of his work,we must put ourselves as nearly as possible in the position of the native speaker and hearer of his day. In view of the prevalence of the second question, it is at least as important that the reader should be equipped with reasons as with results. An particuar attention has been paid to setting out “how we know what we know” in language that is, so far as possible, free from technical complications. In the proces of reconstruction we are of course dempendent on a variety of linguistic theories and techniques.

Cambridge University Press, 1965.

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– INDHOLD, Foreword. – Consonants. – Voiceless plosives. – Aspirates. – Liquids. – Fricatives. – Semivowels. – Vowels. – Simple vowels. – Special qualities. – Old Latin. – The intermediate vowel. -Diphthongs.- Ae and au, oe, and oi. – Vowel length. – General. – Hidden qantity. – Before ns, nf. – Before nct, nx. – Lachmann’ s Law. – Before gn. – Before r + consonant. – Before final m. – Miscellanaeous. – Hic and hoc. – Vowel junctions. – Accent. – Quantity. – Accent ad quantity in classical Latin verse. – Selected quotations rom the Latin grammarians and other writers. – Chronology of sources. – The pronunciation of Latin in England. – Summary of recommeded pronunciations.- Indbundet. – 111 sider. – Med navn på titelblad.