Joseph, Robert

The Art of the Wine Label


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– The author, Robert Joseph, was brought up in a family-run hotel and restaurant where he developed a taste for wine long before he could decipher the words on a wine label. He ban his writing career about wine in the Burgundy region of France. – To a wine writer or a wine lover, the most important factor of any wine has to be the flavour. The label is just the frame around the painting. Without it the wine would taste just as good – or bad. But occasionally, there have been bottles which have left the wish that the label designer had been responsible for producing the wine; he or she so evidently had better taste than the winemaker.

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– Foreword. – The history of the label. – Wine jugs. – Bottled wine. – Label crime. – Label design. – Branded wines. – Back labels. – Wine laws. – How to read the label. – Typical labels. – Themes. – Wineyards. – Cellars and barrels. – Castles and heraldry. – Design. – Art. – People. – Animals and birds. – Words. – Humour. – Index.