Choprak, Deepak

Perfect digestion. The key to balanced living


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The author is a physician who has written several books about health and sickness. In this book he begins by viewing the body as a single integrated system in which all the parts are designed to function in a unified manner. Although the gastrointestinal tract is itself a fascination and marvelously complex apparatus, it is still only one aspect of the intricate and often bewildering entity that is our physical self. Digestion plays a critical role in the natural healing process. The constant renewal of every part of physiology is dependent on proper digestive functioning, which Ayurveda sees as a mens of contracting intelligence from food and then processing it to support the intelligence inherent in the entire physiology. It is only when this balance is disrupted for some reason, when the set points of your physiology is disturbed, that symptoms begin to occur.

Perfect Healths Library 1997

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INDHOLD: The quantum mechanics of digestion. – Digestion and the Ayurvedic doshas. – Understanding your digestive tract. – How to make friends with your gut. – Diet and the art of determining what to eat. – Grains and honey. – Fruits. – Fiber. – Meat. – Vata-balancing diet. – Some specific recommendations. – The role of your emotions. – Breathing meditation. – Biological rhythms. Riding nature’s waves. – Understanding exercise. – Constipation, diarrhea, and intestinal gas. – Food allergies. – Other gastrointestinal problems. – In closing. – Recipes. – Bibliography. – Sources. – Index. – Uindbundet. – 127 sider. – Med enkelte understregninger. Ellers pænt eksemplar.