Neil Wallington

The World of Encyclopedia og Fire Engines & Firefighting

DKK 120,00

Varenr. 69.89. –  Uindbundet. – Illustreret med 700 fotos af brandbiler. – 2009. – 256 sider. – Som ny. – 120 kr.

The book contains an illustrated photographic history  with 700 pictures of firefighting from Roman times to the present day, and charts the development of the fire engines from simple manual pumps to one of the most sophistocated and high-profile vehicles.

Includes an A-Z of 165 of the world’s best-known fireengine manufacturers.

Hermes House - 2009

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CONTENTS: The World of Fire Engines and Firefighting. – The Story of Firefighting. – Fire Engine Development. – Contemporary Fire Brigades. – The A-Z of Fire Engine Manufaturers. – Gloassary. – Index.