Burt, Christopher C.

Extreme weather. A guide and record book


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Few thrills kan compare to weather at its worst. We often hear on the news that the day was the hottest, coldest, wettest, or snowiest on record. Is the climate really becoming more extreme as a result of global warming? Included in the book are historical examples of some of the more bizarre weather events observed: Heat bursts, electrified dust storms, snow rollers, pinkt snowstorms, luminious tornadoes, falls of fish and toads, ball lightning, super bolts, and other strange meteorological events. In the USA weather records have been maintained by the official weather services sinse about 1870. In the 50 preceding years, records were kept intermittently by individuals and by some institutions, including the Smithsonian Institution.

W. W. Norton and Company 2004

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INDHOLD: Hottest cities and hot spots in the USA and around the World. – Death Valley. Hottest place in the World? – Real heat. The humidity factor. – Historic heat waves in the USA. – Heat bursts. – Drought and dust storms. – Global Warming. – Weather service forecasts. – Coldest cities and cold spots in the USA and around the World. -Makeshift Alaskan Themometers. – What’s it like at – 80? – Historic Cold waves in the USA 1859. – New York City’s coldest daylight ever. – Temperature antics in the Black Hills and high plains. – Snowiest cities in the USA and around the World. – Snow in the Sierra Nevada. – Luminious Snowstorm in New England. – Strange Snowfalls. – Ice storms. – Rainiest and driest cities and Places. – It rains sometimes in Seatlle. – Phenomenal cludbursts in Colorado, Texas and Pennsylvania. – Mud showers over New York. – Extreme sports. Parachuting into a thunderstorm. – Lightning. – Superbolts. – Apocryphal ligtning pranks. – Remarkable storm of ball lightning in Mount Desert, Maine. – Typical tornadoes in the USA and around the World. – Historic twisters. – Waterspouts. -Hurricanes and their intensity. – Historic hurricanes. – Hurricane flooding. The storm and rainfalls. – Tropical storms around the World. – Tropical storm superlatives. – Extra-tropical storms. – The perfect storm. – Great cyclones of Europe. – Highest measured speed in the World. – Extreme Santa Ana. – Fog. – El Nino and la Nina. – Maps, records and conversion tables. – Bibliography.- Uindbundet og med plastomslag. – Illustreret. – 303 sider. – Kasseret, men pæn biblioteksbog med stregkode på bagsiden.