Millar, Fergus

The Roman Empire and its Neighbours.


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The book offers a succinct account of the social, political and cultural development of the Roman Emoire and is surrounding areas from the death of Augustus to the accession of Diocletian. The subjects covered include the senate and people, the imperial office, successive dynasties that filled it, the changing relations of state and citizen, the steady transformation of the role of the army, the advancement of the frontiers, and strikingly different natures of the main parts of the empire.

Duckworth 1993

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INDHOLD: Preface. – Introduction. – Rome, the Roman people and the senate. – The emperors. – Government and administration. – State and subject: The cities. – The army and the frontiers. – Italy. – The western provinces: Gaul, Spain and Britain. – Africa. – Egypt. – The Greed Provinces. – Tha Balka and Danubian Provinces. – The Emoire and the third-century crisis. – Parthia and sasanid Persia.Tha Dacaians in the first century AD: The Roman conquest. – The Scytho-Sarmatian tribes of South-Eastern Europe. – The Germans.- List of emperors. – Notes. – Bibliography. – Index. – Maps.- 2. edition. – Uindbundet. – 370 sider. – Lidt falmet indbinding, ellers et pænt eksemplar.