Hustvedt, Siri

The Shaking Woman or a History of My Nerves.


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While speaking at a momorial event for her father, Siri Hustvedt suffered a violent seizure from the neck down. She managed to finish her talk and the paroxysms stopped, but not for good. Again and again she found herself a victim of the shudders. What had happened? Chronicling her search for the shaking woman, the author takes the reader on a journey into contemporary psychiatric, neurology and pschoanalysis. She unerath stories and theories from the annals of medical history, liteatrue and philosophy, and delves into the past.

- Sceptre 2010

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In the process, she raises fundamental questions: What is the realtionship between mind and body? How do we remeber? What is the self? In a seemless synthesis personal experience and extensive research, Hustvedt conveys the often frigthening mysteries of illness and the complexities of diagnosis. But the book is also funny, encyclopedic and down to earth.- Indbundet med omslag. – 213 sider. – Som ny.