Maryanne Melloan

Rock And Roll Revealed. The outrageous lives of rock’s biggest stars


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Bogen fortæller på engelsk om forskellige rockmusikeres mere eller mindre bizarre vaner og opførsel. Desuden oplyses forskellige fakta om de enkelte musikere og sangere.

Varenr. 78.9 – H.13. – Indbundet og med omslag. – Stort format. – 1993. – Illustreret med fotografier. –  118 sider. – Pænt eksemplar. – 120 kr.

Friedman Group - 1993

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INDHOLD: On the Road Again. – Led Zeppelin 1973 in Los Angeles. – Rod Stewart. – Why rock stars should have private jets. – Alice Cooper. – James Browns electrifying stage act. – Ziggy played the guitar. – Tina Turner. – Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger. – Screaming Jay Hawkins. – Ozzy Osbourne once bit the head of a bat. – Iggy Pop screamed and rubbed peanut butter and raw steaks over his body. – Prince. – Michael Jackson insisted that hundred of bottles of Perrier be heated to fill his bathtub . – Elton John insists all plastic flowers be replaced with real ons. – Prince’s hotel must be draped in soft, flowing fabrics and smell of his favorite incense upon his arrival. – Rolling Stones ones had the walls of a Madrid Hotel torn down to make the bands suites larger. – Honky chateau home life. -Till I Reach the Higher Ground. Spiritual Interests. – The former Cat Stevens now sings songs of Islamic worship. – Stairways to Hell ? – Drugs. Hope I Die before I get Old. – Janis Joplin died 1970 of a heroin overdosis. – Elvis ‘ drug problem involved attemtps to control his weight. – Jefferson Airplane and psychedelic rock. – Accidents will happen. Fatal mishaps. – The Buddy Holly plane crash. – Rick Allen (Def Leppard) lost an arm. – Karen Carpenter died of complication from anorexia nervosa. – Ringo Starr recovering alcoholic. – Dennis Wilson drowned. – Rock and Roll Romances. Love stinks. – Addicted to love and sex. – Rocker-Model Couples. – Fashion . – Bibliography. – Song Bibliography.