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Phoenix Squadron. HMS Ark Royal, Britain’s last topguns and the untold story…


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HMS “Ark Royal” was the most powerful warship the Royal Na´vy had ever put to sea. 50.000 tons of British Sovereignty Territory – a floating airfield that was home to 2.700 men, a stockpile of nuclear weapons, and the most moderne, capable air force in Europe. “Ark”‘s squadrons of supersonic F-4 Phantom interceptors, Blackburn Buccaneer strike jets and state-of-the-art Sea King helicopters were a match for anything else in the sky. But laid down in 1943, by the early seventies “Ark Royal” was in the twilight of her career. Only kept in service to help face down the Cold War threat fron the powerful Soviet Navy, it seemed the ship would play no further part on the world’s stage.

Bantam Press 2009.

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Then in january 1972 intelligence reached Whitehall that British Honduras – now Belize – was threatened with imminent invasion. To defend the colony Britain’s response would have to be immediate. And “Ark Royal” offered the only effective means of preventing the little Central American country being overrun by battle-hardened US-trained Guatemalan paratroops. But first the old carrier would have to endure a high-speed. 1500 mile dash across the Atlantic towards the Guld of Mexico. Only then would it be possible to excecute audacious, record-breaking plan to launch a pair of Buccaneers on an extraordinary and unprecedented long-range mission. It was an operation loaded with difficulty and danger.- Uindbundet. – Illustreret. – 407 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.