Gribbin, John

Hothouse Earth. The Greenhouse Effect & Gaia


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Climatic change is the most important problem facing mankind over the next 50 years. Burning coal and oil, destruction of forests and the release of methane from agricultural activities are all contributing to the greenhouse effect, making the world warmer than it has been since the time of the dinosaurs. Current projections are for an increase in global mean temperatures of 4 C by the year 2030 with much greater increases at higher latitudes. The book examines the greenhouse effect against a broader background of natural climatic processes and what can be done to slow the pace of these changes.

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Bantam Press 1990

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INDHOLD: The warming now. Temperature trends. An American perspective: Why all the fuss? .- The Greenhouse and GAiA. The natural greenhouse. – The primeval greenhouse. Earth, Venus and Mars. – The ice age / carbon dioxide connection. – Iace age rhythms Strengthening the link. – The carbon dioxide connection. – The Antarctic cornucopia. – Afte the ice. – Warm and wet / cold and dry. – A little ice age. – Cycle os of ice and fire. – An astrogeological aside. – A successful forecast? – Carbon cycles and reservoirs. – Oceanic cycles. – An isotopic cornucopia. -Tree rings and ice cores. -Out of the wood. – Making the most of the models. – The greenhouse champion. – Methane and the main contenders. – Nitrous oxide and ozone. – All things considered.- Unpleasant surprises ahead? – Children of the sea. – Problems with the oceanic sink. – The flood next time. – The upward trend. – Scope for change. – Icemlet. – Catastrophe not on the agenda. – Counting the cost. – Hothouse Earth. – The smoking gun. – How fast? – Agricultural impacts. – Stings in the tail. – What to do. – Burn less. – Change the mix. – What no to do. – The return og Johnny Appleseed? – Good husbandry. – Adapt or die? – Appendix. – Bibliography. – Index.