Rockwell, Joan

Evald Tang Kristensen. A lifelong adventure in folklore


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Evald Tang Kristensen was one of the great collectors of first-hand accounts of peasant life and culture, perhaps the greatest , not only in Denmark but in the World. For sixty years and more (1867 – 1929) he worked incessantly at finding, recording, collating and getting into print the largest body of this material ever assembled by one person. His published Work is more intensive ( more than 30.000 pages) tahn any other Danish writer, including NFS Grundtvig and Georg Brandes. ETK left Dansk Folkemindesamling a collection, said to be three times as mucha Again, of material in ordered form which has never been published. The book gives an idea of the life and character of this extraordinary man, WHO took up an impossible task and because of thes gave us the greatest body of cultural material on peasantry ever assembled in western Europe.

Aalborg University Press 1982

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INDHOLD: Two peasant families. – Childhood and youth 1843-1867. – An adventure in folklore Begins 1868-1871. – Private life 1868-1873. – Folklore fieldwork in the 1870s. – Private life 1874-1884. – Skatteegraveren 1883-1890. – Back to Brandstrup 1883-18888. – At Hadsten Station 1888-1897. – Last move – Mølholm near Vejle 1897 – 1929. – Books published by Evald Tang Kristensen. – A choronological bibliography of articles by Evald Tang Kristensen, published in yearbooks, journals, newspapers, and the like. – Chronological list of Works on Evald Tang Kristensen. – Introduction to “Brandstrup in my childhood. Nature and folk in Brandstrup in my childhood. – The Royal Danish Agricultural Society. – Dream recorded 19.10.1926. – Selected bibliography. – List of illustration. – Danish measures, Money and titles. – Indbundet i hellærred og med omslag. – 415 sider. – Illustreret. Pænt eksemplar.