Haywood, John

Encyclopaedia of the Viking Age


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The “Encyclopaedia of the Viking Ages” uncovers the fascinating story of the Vikings both at peace and at war. In the book you kan discover how the Vikings successfully and brutally conquered vast areas of Eastern and western Europe, but also how they dressed. How they spent their leisure time. How they farmed and cooked, how they raised their children, buried and celebrated their dead. And of course you can learn how they built ships that could carry tem across the Atlantic Ocean where they established trade routes to Places as far away as Constantinople and Baghdad and how they eventually converted from paganism to Christianity. – The guide also provides biographies of the leading personalities of the age, not only among the Vikings themselves but also among those WHO opposed tem with varying degrees of success. Maps and entries on the Vikings’ key cities, Towns and villages reflect the vast extent of their World. In addition, a historical introduction sets out causes of the Viking Age, and explains why it ultimately came to an end.

Thames & Hudson 2000

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INDHOLD: Introduction: The Causes of the Viking Age. – Subject Index. – The Encyclopedia. – Chronological Table AD 1-1500. – Viking Kings and Rulers 700-1100. – Further reading. – Sources of illustrations. kk