Al-Rawi, Rosina-Fawzia

Belly Dancing. Unlock the Secret Power of Ancient Dance


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For women in the Arab culture the traditional dance holds a significance that underlies their well-being and their sense of womanhood. The author has studied its earliest beginnings, from the days of the Pharaohs and the Roma Empire, to the Arab world of the last three centuries. This book is a revelation of the effects of the dance’ s movements on both the body of the dancer and the whole psyche. It is also a practical guide for those who are inspired to put down the book and try the movements. The author describes variations of the dance as it is performed for grieving and mourning, and to aid pregnancy and birth, conveying the spirit of these age-old rituals, and their possibilities for healing and empowering women today.

Varenr. 79.29815-24. –  Uindbundet og med plastomslag. – 2001. -Illustreret . – 207 sider. – Udgået, men pæn biblioteksbog. – 75 kr.

Robinson 2001

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Indhold:  HOW IT ALL BEGAN: In the beginning was a child. – The Ancestral Call. – Have no fear, sister. – Seeing feet. – Good morning, mystery. – The tale of giving and taking. – The magic kitchen. – In the garden of thoughts. – The other garden. – Grandfather, the quiet warrior. – The dancing heart. – Oh, the ball. – A women’s world. – Blood Flows. – The great celebration. – My new world. – A HISTORY OF WOMEN’ S DANCING: Primitive peoples and dancing. – Dancing in the first advanced civilizations. – the Greeks. – The Romans. – Christianity. – The middle ages. – The Arab world. – The bourgeoisie. – Industrial times. – The Present day. – Mother Belly. – In praise of dancing. – Belly dancing. – The basics of belly dancing. – FROM HEAD TO TOE: The head. Hold your head like a queen. – The eyes. The ocean of the soul. – The ears. The gateway to the soul. – The nose. Fragrance, take me back from whence I came. – Serpents in the wind. – Giving is the source of receiving. – The breath of divinity lies ind your breast. – Meekness rests proudly on your shoulders. – When your hips circle, the whole universe swings along. – The snake of spontaneity is coiled in the pelvis. – As full as the Mooen, as soft as the clouds in the wind. – The pillars of the temple. – Hold my feet, mother and give me strength. –VARIATIONS AND RITUALS:  The floor dance. – The stick dance. – The veil dance. – Walking and whirling. – The menstruation dance. – The wedding dance. – The birth dance. – The trance dance. – The mourning dance. – Epilogue. – Works cited. – Endnotes.