Wendy Buonaventura

Beauty and the East. A Book of Oriental Care

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Varenr. 61.33 / H.15. –  Uindbundet. – 2001. – Illustreret af Isobel Eady. – 158 sider. – Pænt eksemplar. – 110 DKK

“This is a book about the pleasures of the senses, about things we can do to make ourselves feel well-cared-for and sensually alive. The customs described in these  pages come from Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and if there is one feature which they all have in common it is the  fragrance. Flowers, spices and perfumed oils are used in abundance in the East. Apart from cleansing and scenting the body, they are used to flavour food, to clothes a delicate perfume, to scent furniture and hangings and in the ritual grace-notes of hospitality which are part of everyday life.” (Introduction)

Interlink Books - 2001

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INDHOLD: A Day at the Baths.  A brief history of the steam bath. – Westerne attiutudes to bathing. – The steam baths and Islam. – Roses. – Cleansing. Lemons. – Face and hand treatmens from Old Persia. – The mouth. – Persian and Arab methods of depilation. –  Dead sea mud. – Olives. – Food for the face. – Remedies for minor ailments. – Fragrance.  – A short history of fragrance. – Musk. – Essential oils. – Some essential oils and ther therapeutic uses. – Massage. –  Baby massage. – Giving and receiving massage. – Sandalwood and frankincense. – The Protectice Mask. – A brief history of cosmetics. – Oranges. – Old cosmetics still in use today. – Mirrors of the soul. – Kohl. – The eye and the veil. – Body design. – Henna. –  Henna painting –  Hair. – Hair in Folklore and mythology. – Hair in the history. – Cedarwood and myrrh. – Perfuming and dressing the hair. – Ambience and  Celebration. – The erotic arts. – The gardens of paradise. – Persian  New Year. – Marriage Rites. – Dance. – Index. – Further reading. – Picture credits.