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Fortress Fredericia – A town created for battle

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The book describes the development of Fredericia as a fortress and its war history.  The story of Fredericia in war is also rendered visible in a broader Danish and European context and it explains why  Fortress Fredericia came to play an important role in several Danish wars. The whole town was prepared for war as it was fought from the 17th century until the end of the 19th century, when Fredericia became a comerstone in the history of Denmark.

Lokalhistorisk Foirlag, Museerne i Fredericia, Lokalhistorisk Arkiv - 2019

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INDHOLD: Preface. – the planning and fortification of Fredericia. – The militæary tactics of the 17th century. – The fortifikation “Frederiksodde”. – 1657 The fortified town of Fredriksodde is sieged,  stormed and falls. – The further warfare 1657-1660. – Fortress Fredericia in times of peace. – Fredericia Fortress during the civil war 1848-1851. – Weapon systems and military tactics in the 1800s. – The opening of the civil war 1848-1851. – Second year of the civil war 1848-1851. – The battle at Fredercia the 6th of July 1849. – The civil war continues. – Fredericia Fortress after the civil war. – The 1864 war. – The last action of war at Fredericia. – Word list.