Blunt, Anthony

Artistic Theory in Italy 1450-1600.


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The book seeks to broaden the comprehension of the student of Italien Renasisance painting by concentrating not on the works of art themselves, but on the various artistic theories which influenced or were expressed by them. Starting with Alberti’s treaties, the author traces the development of artistic theory from Humanism to Mannerism, and discusses the writings of Leonardo, Savonarola, Michelangelo, and Vasari. He also examines the effect of the Council of Trent on religious art, and chrinicles the successful struggle of the painteers and sculptors themselves to elevate their status from craftsmen to creative artists.

Oxford University Press 1994

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INDHOLD: List of plates. – Alberti. – Leonardo. – Colonna: Filarete. Savonarola. – The social position of the artis. – Michelangelo. – The minor writers of the High Renaissance. – Vasari. – The Council of Trent and the reisious art. – The later Mannerists. – Bibliography. – Index.- Uindbundet. – Illustreret. – 170 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.