Campbell, Joseph.

Thou Art That. Transforming Religious Metaphor.


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Joseph Cambell provides a new but not novel basis for our understanding of the Judeo-Christian tradition. He is preoccupied with solving the enormous problems that flow from institutional religion’s ongoing misinterpretation of spiritual metaphors as historical facts. Metaphor comes from the Greek “meta”, a passingover, or a going from one place to another, and “phorein”, to move or to carry. Metaphors carry us from one place to another, they enable us to cross boundaries tha woulotherwise be closed to us.

Joseph Cambell Foundation 2001.

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INDHOLD: About the collected works of Joseph Cambell. – Editor’s foreword. – Methaphor and religious mystery. – The meaning of myth. – What myth do. – Metaphor, the native tongue of myth. – Metaphor and mystery. – The experience of religios mystery. – Our notions of god. – The religious imagination and the rules of traditional theology. – Symbols of the Judeo-Christian tradition. – What kinds of gods have we? – Abraham, father of the Jewish people. – Understanding the symbols of Judeo-Christian spirituality. – The virgin birth. – The cave. – The infant. – Flight to Egypt. – The Messiah. – Miracles. – The last supper. – Crucifixion. – The cross. – Ten end of the world. – Question period. – A duscussion. – Indtroductory note. – Earthrise – the dawning of a new spiritual awareness. – A Joseph Campell bibliography. – About the author. – About the Joseph Cambell Foundation.- Indbundet med omslag. – 136 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.