Hegi, Ursula.

Stones from the River.


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Four months after Trudi Montag’s birth, her mother wouldn’t touch her at all. From snatsches of gossip the girl would later conjecture that her mother had taken one glance at her and had covered her face as if to shut out the image of the infant’s short limbs and slightly enlarged head. It didn’t help that Frau Weiler, upon peering into the wicker carraige, had inquired: Does the child have water on the brain?

Simon & Shuster 1994.

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As a child Trudi Monta thougt everyone knew what went on indside others. That was before she understood the power of being different. The agony of being different. And the sin of ranting against an ineffective God. But before that – for years and years before that – she prayed to grow. By then Trudi had come up agianst that moment when she knew that praying for something did not make it happen, that this was it: That there was no God-magic. That she was as tall as she would ever be.- Uindbundet. – 525 sider. – Som ny.