Savage, Sam.

Firmin. Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife.


DKK 85,00

Firmin is a debonair soul trapped in a rat’s body. He lives in the basement of an old bookstore run by Norman Shine, where, as the runt of his litter, he chews on the books around him in order to survive. Thanks to his unusual diet, Firmin develops the ability to read, a very unratlike sense of the world, and his place in it.

Phoenix, 2006.

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A literary rat is a lonely rat and, spurned by his own kind, Firmin thinks he recognises a kindred soul in Norman. But the days of the bookshop are numbered. The area has been marked out for urban regeneration and soon the faded glory of the bookshop will face the bulldozers.- Uindbundet. – 232 sider. – Som ny.