Faber, Tony.

Fabergé’ s Eggs. One man’s masterpieces and the end of en empire.


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Between 1885 and 1916, Carl Fabergé made fifty fabulous jewelled eggs – Easter presents from Russia’s last two emperors to their wives. Since the brutal murder of the last tsar and his family in a Siberian basement, these eggs have become the most famous surviving symbols of the Romanov Empire: Both supreme examples of the jeweller’s art and the vulgar playthings of a decadent court on the brink of revolution. The history encompasses Bolsheviks and entrepreneurs, tycoons and heiresses, con-men and queens. Eggs have been sold and smuggled, stolen and forged. Now, as they retur to Russia, their history, like that of Russia itself, seems to have come full circle.

Pan Books, 2009.

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INDHOLD: Romanov family tree. – Fabergé family tree. – Christ is risen! – As precious as an egg on Christ’s own day. – A continuation of the long funereal ceremonies. – Utterly different in character, habits and outlook. – The warm and brilliant shop of Carl Fabergé. – The ancestor who appeals to me least of all. – We shall have to show dirty nappies. – A good, religious, simple-minded Russian. – The littleone will not die. – An unparalleled genius. -Fabergé has just broughtyour deligthful egg. -Everything seems sad. – This is life no more. – You will have all of it when I am gone. – Determinating their fate irrevocably in a few mements. – Pick out gold, silver and platinum fron tke articles of minimal value. – I know tha May was passionately fond of fine jewellery. – Department stores, try the department stores. – Turn of the century trinkets. – When you viewed his Fabergé collection, you were doing him a favour. – He who dies with the most toys wins. – Handle it and then question it. that thing is as right as rain. – You can put all your eggs in one basket. – Afterword. – Full listing of the Imperial eggs. – Glossary. – Notes. – Bibliography. – Uindbundet. – Illustreret i farver. – 324 sider. – Som ny.