Thomson, George L.

The art of calligraphy


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The four alphabets presented here ar e designed to be examples typical of specific families of scripts, but also legible and easy to leran and write. They have been modified where necessary to make certain letters intelligible to modern eyes. The Black Letter capitals particularly have been rationalised and made recognisable. While we agree that the varous versions of capitals in many Gothic scripts can be beautiful examples of abstract decoration, no one today would claim that they are legible. For anyone who wiuld wishn to go on eventuallie to write the more exotic black letter scripts, the mastery of the very simple version here shown will provide a working knowledge of the discipline required. Though it may look quite complicated to the layman, the letters need no more strokes than any other script. Those who ar interested in rustic script may wonder why it is not included here. In our opinion, it is one of the worst scritps ever invented – illegible, badly proportioned, uneven in colur owing to the exaggerated pen angle. – The student calligrapher will find here the four main scripts form which all the others have derived, that is uncial, round hand, black letter and italic. The minimum equipment required is ink, pens, paper, a board, t-square and set-squares, and compasses and dividers.

65.34-27. –  Uindbundet og med spiralryg. – 1994. – 160 sider. – Illustreret. – Pænt eksemplar. – 90 kr.

Treasure Press 1994

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INDHOLD: Introduction. – Four easy scripts. – Uncial. – Round hand. – Black letter. – Italic. – How to make your own pens. – Guidelines.