Kettenmann, Andrea.

Frida Kahlo 1907-1954. Pain and Passion.


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On 17 September 1925, on their way home from school, Frida Kahlo and her boyfriend, Alejandro Arias, got into the bus for Coyoacán. Shortly afterward, there was a terrible accident. Their bus collided with a tram, and several people were killed on the spot. Frida Kahlo suffered multiple injuries, leading the doctors to doubt whether she would survive. One year later, in the small pencil sketch “Accident”, she recorded the fateful event which was to change her life so greatly. This drawing is Frida Kahlo’s only visual testimony of the accident. Never again was she to return to the subject in her work.

Taschen, 2000.

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INDHOLD: Peg-leg Frida – a rebellious girl. – The delicate dove and the fat frog. – A Mexican artist in Gringolandia. – Despair and success. – The surgeon sons of bitches. -I hope the exit is joyful. – Frida Kahlo 1907-1954: Life and work. – List of illustrations. – Notes. – Uindbundet. – Illustreret i farver.- 97 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.