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Brand Child


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Traditional lore tells us that littel girsl are made of sugar and spice and all thindgs nice, and boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails. But there andre no guidelines to getting indside the dreaming Hearts of today’s tweens ( between 14 and 18 ) We can only look back on recent marketing successes to see if we can find the formula that made the Ninja Turtles and Pokemon the winners that they were..A careful study wille reveal that there are six distinct characteristics that go to make up the most successful brands and topys Worldwide. What we find is a recipe incorporating the right measures of fear, fantasy, mastery, humour, love and stability. – Popularity and fame score high on tweens’ dream list. If they are not after it for themselves they love those WHO have it. Along with fame, there’s the Desire for fortune.

Londond and Sterling 2003

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INDHOLD: Tweens. Meet the new kids. – Edges. – Persuaders. – Followers. – Reflexives. – Tween Dream for sale. – Fear. – Fantasy. – Goddbye creativity. – Goodnight Harry. – Mastery. – Humour. – Love and stability. – The mirror effect. – Collection value.- Gaming ability. – Bonded to brands. The transition years. – Forming the bond between tweens and brands. – The power of brands transcends generations. – Brand attractions matters. – Television is till in focus of attention. – Exit fairyland. – Beliefs versus aspirations. – The death of belief. – The new icons. – Tribes. – What makes them believe? – The dream factory. – Building trus among a skeptical audience. – Creating imagination. – Building the sensory experience. – Offline – online. – Sound + Sight + Smell + taste + Touch = Brand. – How do tweens feel ? – Relationship with corporal brands. – Stardust. – Creating icons we admire. – Music and the look of music. – Mainstream has become substream. – Three fundamentals: Drems, romance, rebellion. – The peer factor. – Cyberchild. – The game is to survive. – Closer and closer to reality. – Personalized brands bild strong businesses. – Santa’s nightmare. – The essence of being af child. – Pump up the volume. – The Young and the rich. – Labelling wishes. – Meeting the cyberfriends. – Loyalty concepts. – Belonging. – The future. – Superchannels. – Kidsbiz. – Growing big and staying big. – The brand trend. – Emotions are driving tweens and so are brands. – Product innovation. Justifying the brand value to tweens. – Price management. Tweens are prepared to pay the Price. – Perception management. Reading the tween mind. – Leadership. Tweens deal only with the leader of the pack. – Calling kids. – Code of ethics. – Index.- Indbundet i hellærred og med omslag. – 316 sider. – Pænt eksemplar.